Can SGP send rotation angle from PlateSolve to Stellarium?

A friend of mine uses APT. When he PlateSolves, the rotation angle is somehow sent to Stellarium. So when showing the rectangular camera field of view in Stellarium you can easily see how much to manually rotate the camera to get the ideal camera orientation.

With SGP the PlateSolve and Center of course gets me perfectly centered on my target. But I kind of have to guess how much to manually rotate the camera by looking at my SGP image and Stellarium.

It would be great if changes to rotation as picked up by the PlateSolve would be reflected in the orientation of the camera FOV rectangle in Stellarium.

You might want to give the “Manual Rotator” device a try in SGP. When a rotation is needed it will prompt you and tell you which direction and how much to move the camera.

Thank you,

Thanks, I will try that. It should be easy to figure out if Stellarium and SGP use the same origin for rotation.