Can SGP start an observing session after a long pause?

My observatory dome has no automatic control - just me. I am wondering whether it is possible to set up SGP to control the scope (an LX200GPS equivalent) to wait until a selected target is at the shutter opening and then start its sequence of imaging? It would need to hold the scope in the actual imaging position for a suitable time until the RA caught up with local time (the slot opening). This would allow me to leave the setup alone overnight with the scope imaging only across the shutter opening. I can produce the sequence but after looking through the manual it is still not clear to me whether this simple operation (pause and then image) situation is available. I bet it is! If someone can just point me to a page in the manual where I have not recognised the opportunity, that would be great.


Lawrence Harris

Yes. You can tell it to park at the end of each event. The hard part would be figuring out what that time is :innocent:

I’m a little puzzled at this. Parking is the termination of a session. That would be the last command of the sequence.


Oh you’re saying before. Yes, use the ‘start event at’ in the event dialog. I use it all the time.

I did a 'find ‘event start’ search and nothing came up in the manual. I then did a ‘find’ ‘event’ and it provided a list of details about events. I’m afraid that this confused me even more because it told me that you can 'park the telescope before the event. Surely this is impossible because ‘park’ is a terminal command that brings the scope to due south etc (whatever the park setting is) and the entire session is over. I want it to simply pause at a pre-selected target alt-az (that I can determine) and wait until the target has actually arrived (at a time that I know). For example, the target will be at the shutter opening at xx.xxpm/am so I want to program SGP to hold the scope at that position and then start imaging at a known time. Finally, when the imaging run is over, I can have it park for the night/morning.


It can’t do alt az. It can slew to the RA/DEC at a given time and start your event.

I can’t get it to link directly on my iPhone. But, click Sequencing… Then click Target list and Settings… Scroll down and read about Start Capturing At…

I use this all the time with horizon issues if I need to split time between multiple objects. If it’s your first object, it will remain parked until start time. Otherwise it’ll wait based on your slew/centering.

Ah! Now I think I understand. You don’t (presumably) mean ‘parked’ in the correct sense but mean in a holding place with motors not activated. The alt-az situation is not a problem. If it can remain stationary at a suitable place (eg the formal park position and then be activated by SGM at the time set then the problem is solved. I found the relevant menu entry. Besides, I can test this now that I understand the proces (assuming that I do understand the process!).


In my second example I do mean parked as you’re referring to it. But yes, you can get your mind unit to park where ever you’d like it to.

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Thanks Chris. I can easily try this in daylight - the scope/imaging system doesn’t know its not dark! I just don’t ask it to solve anything!! I did not realise that this was possible.

Lawrence :slight_smile:

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