Can someone point me to directions on how to nudge an object in the frame?

Is there any way in SGPro to “nudge” and image up/down/Left/Right for centering? I used the center function but my Crescent Nebula was too low in the image frame and needed to be nudged up just a little. Is there anyway to do that other than using EQMOD West, East, North, South control as that is very tedious and hard to nail. I accomplished what I wanted to do last night running the Center function and aborted after the second fail attempt to center while plate solving. I nailed the center but it was just luck I aborted at the right time.

Thanks in advance for any advise or a reference to a youtube video.

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A couple of ways. Take a frame and focus image which at least has the desired center within the frame. Right click the image and plate solve. Now right-click the bit of the frame you want as the center and select ‘center here’.

Alternatively - use framing and mosaic wizard, pull up the object and select the exact framing you want- then, choosing slew and center as the option, set it up as the sequence target.

Both use plate solving - just give sufficient exposure - say about 5-10 seconds to make sure you get enough stars. Most of us are using ASTAP as our platesolver over PinPoint or Platesolve2

Thanks for the info. I use Platesolve2. Must be a good reason why most people use ASTAP. I’ll see a out switching. Hopefully some good doc on how to install and configure in SGpro.

I’ll give your suggestions a try.