Can you Find Camera Angle with SGPro?

Hi, Is there anyway you can find what Angle your camera is at before you run sequence using SGpro. I know you can adjust the angle when running the sequence but I am sure I see something about finding the Angle first.

Certainly. All it requires is a frame and focus image of reasonable exposure length (varies based on environmental conditions, but you can start with 120 sec). Once the image is displayed by SGPro, right click it and plate solve it. When completed, a window will pop up with all the info you need. You can also use this same window to transfer data to an existing target or just record it somewhere for future use (sequence notes or a notepad).

Alternatively, if you are already setup to perform plate solving operations in a sequence, you can just connect the camera and mount then click the “Solve and Sync” button in the Telescope module (or control panel). When the procedure is complete, the angle property for the camera (in the control panel) will be updated with the current sky angle.

Hello Ken,
Thanks for answering today. was not expectiing an answer on Boxing day.
I tried loading a previous image and plate solving and this brings up the Angle at which the image is taken, when I checked in the control panel the Camera says 79 degree. However I have just gone out to my observatory and moved the camera around 30-40 degree and plate solved same image again but it still shows 79 degree in the controll panel after plate solving again.
Does it have to be a live downloaed image for this to update the angle in the control panel? or am I missing something. cheers. Kevin

The control panel camera angle is only updated using the solve and sync feature. For older images, you’ll just want to right click the image, choose Plate Solve, then record the result when it’s done.

Hello Ken,
Sorry Ken we appear to be talking differnet things here. I know that when you plate solve image it will show the angle at which the image is taken, and therefore what angle to set the camera at, and I am aware that you can do this once the sequence begins as long as have Manaul Rotator selected but is there any way using SGPro that I can find out what angle the camera is currently at before I run a sequence?

Unless I’m misunderstanding your setup, I think the quick answer is no. If all you are doing is manually rotating the camera on the scope, there is no way that SGPro can know what you’ve done without taking a photo of a star field and plate solving it.

Okay. That makes sense. Thanks both for your answers.

While @Terry_Fitzpatrick is correct, you can find the angle before a sequence starts using frame and focus and then plate solve, but you must take an image of the sky for plate solving.