Can you tell me which part of the jigsaw failed from the SGP log?

I’m hoping that someone can have a look at my SGP log and suggest where the issue may lay with my system and where to start looking for the issue.

This morning when I got up, the mount had not parked as per SGP’s 05:10 instruction and it was merrily carrying on ! This is the second night that this has happened - The first night I thought that perhaps I’d had a power cut.

I’ve attached the link to the full log in the hope that someone can give me an idea of what SGP is saying went wrong. Was it SGP? The camera? The focuser? The PC?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this.

The log as posted finishes at 02:44 so there’s no indication of what happened at 05:10.

From what I can see there are problems connecting to PHD2, no response reports and finally an actively refused connection message.

The pause during AF process seems strange, there are log messages indicating that SGP thinks that PHD should be paused when it has already send a message to unpause it and PHD is reporting guiding.

Echo Chris here, can you please post links the previous nights log and the associated PHD2 debug logs .


Firstly - That’s where the log stopped - There was no more after that… I have no idea what happened at 05:10 either!!!

Here’s the PHD log from last night

And this is the SGP log from the session before when I assumed I’d had a power cut as the same thing happened.

And here’s the PHD debug log

Didn’t realise this one was important! Doh!!

No one has any thoughts on these logs and where it all went wrong? Do the logs not say anything?