Can you turn off analyzing star data while taking flats

I am using a home made flat panel box so there is no star data. Just wanted to see if there is a way to turn off this function.

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Mike P

We need more information. What are you seeing on your screen that you want
to turn off? I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

When doing flats, after the image is taken, it says on the bottom of the screen “analyzing star data”, then it downloads the image on the preview screen. Since I’m using a light box, there would be no star data, so wanting to see if there is a way to disable analyzing in order to save time while performing flats. As it is, if I’m taking 25 one second flats, it takes about 15 minutes to complete.



What equipment are you using (camera? USB hub? what computer?)
To be honest I’m not exactly sure what “analyzing star data” actually means. It does seem like that’s a long time to take flats, however it’s not out of the question depending on your equipment. My camera takes 28 seconds to download a 1x1 bin flat image, so it would take me about 12min for 25 flats.

I don’t think that “analyzing star data” is actually doing anything in this case, and even when it does (like calculating HFR for stars) it’s nearly instantaneous on my computer.

Sgp will only run actual star analysis on frame types of “light”. Other metrics are gathered on all frame types, like min and max intensity as well as creating the histogram. All those things fall under the “analyzing star data”. So for flats and such it should be very fast. But for lights it will take more time, especially if you have image history turned on.


Using QSI 683wsg-8, powered USB hub, computer is I7-6700 3.4 gh, 32 gb memory. I does seem that the analysis goes pretty quickly, maybe up to 10 seconds at the most, before the image is displayed.

Thanks for the info Joel and Jared.


I too am interested in this as it adds around 10s of time to the image download, which may not seem a lot but when you are doing 3s frame & focus subs then it becomes a pain and very tedious when you want a quick to do a quick manual focus check.

I don’t recall it happening in older version of the software, I.e. Many revisions ago


As mentioned above image history is already off for flats. If you want it off for frame and focus you’ll need to disable it on the Image History Module.


I’m having the same problem as the OP. After every “flat” labeled shot it flashes “Analyzing Star Data” and takes several times the length of the frame before displaying yellow FWHM circles all over my flats. It wouldn’t be all that frustrating if it didn’t also lock up the tablet (core i5; 4gb; ram win 8.1) I’m using to drive my scope so that I can’t even abort the sequence while it’s “Analyzing Star Data”. (It’s only not “Analyzing Star Data” for milliseconds at a time. I’m using version

Are you setting the image type as flat in the sequence? The FWHM circles should only appear with light frames.

Yes. They are designated as flats. That’s what I find so frustrating. It’s clearly a bug, and the developers deny that it exists.