Cannot figure out what to do after autofocus

I’ve got my issue fixed thanks to Jared nailing down for me, after it runs the autofocus routine and it gives me 100% complete . I try to continue to run a sequence but, it tells me autocentering isn’t on for the target and I just want to continue due to having the target in the position that I want, why won’t it run a sequence , I’ve aborted a number of times and it tells me the sequence is complete HELP?

You can reset the sequence progress from the tools menu. Also make sure you have some active targets and active events. Other than that we’ll probably need a log and the sequence file. Directions on finding both are here:


Jared , I disconnected the focuser from sgp and a buddy told me I had to disconnect the mini v2 hbx because both couldn’t be connected . I tried the usb and that didn’t work and then the power cord that was plugged into the mini v2 and sgp just wanted me to try to connect it or sgp would retry to connect it . I connected it and I’m back at square one again . There’s something I’m missing and I don’t see it. I just need to see it done and I’m going to see if Ed will teamviewer so I can see what I’m missing, Thank you Ronnie