Cannot get Rotation Assistant during Center on Target


in the previous version of SGP when I plate solve and center on a target created with Frame & Mosaic the program said me how much rotate the camera to get the precise fov.

After some unistall for other reason of SGP, now when I center a target the programm plate solve but dont say me how much to rotate the camera.

I have connect the manual rotator, and I have setted the error less than 3 degree.

Can someone please help me?


From the help file:

Hi ser1993,

Are you talking about when you do the the place solve manually (like
when you right click on the target) or automatically (like when the
target starts in the sequence)?

If manually, there are two options when you right click the target:
“Center on Target” and “Center Target and Rotate Camera”. I just
verified that the 2nd does prompt me to rotate when I have a manual
rotator defined and “connected”. This is for version I’ve
been using this feature for over a year.

The reason I am posting this is that one night a couple of months ago, I
spent nearly an hour trying to figure out why it wasn’t telling me to
rotate. I get stupid at 2:00am and took entirely too long to realize I
was selecting the wrong option: “Center on Target” instead of “Center
Target and Rotate Camera” …

  • Shane

What I do is open the sequence tab, then I click on the setting of a sequence on the top-right, and click on center now. The options that Ken says is checked.

Well yes, that button does exactly what it says and no more. Right click the target and choose rotate or rotate and center.

Oh well! Thank you. :slight_smile: is possible to add that button on the setting tab of the sequence in the next versions? Seems like something missed in that panel… :slight_smile:

Right click on your target and select “Rotate Camera”. Also if you want to auto center AND rotate you have that option too.


I completely missed that option. Thank you very much. I will use it
tomorrow night… I HOPE! :slight_smile:

This Right click and “Center Target & Rotate Camera” is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

This is very important if you have a manual rotator and manual focus. Perhaps this button could be added next to the ‘center here’ button in the “Target Settings” Window so it is not so hidden.

Previously I did the center here which is great, then I worked on my focus but when I started the sequence it always asked me to rotate. This usually causes focus to be compromised if it has to rotate a lot. Now I should be able to get my rotation perfect then fine tune the focus as a final step.

I am really starting to enjoy this software, Thank You!