Canon 6d download time, would like feedback

Hi there
I would like to know how long it takes for other Canon 6d users to download a frame.
On my machine it takes about 22 seconds to save the image as cr2 only. This is during the sequence and also if I take a single frame using frame and focus. I have image history turned off.
My machine is a couple of years old so I am wondering if I need to upgrade to a faster computer. I use the USB 3.0 port but the canon is only USB 2.0.

Hi Andy, I’ve noticed on my Nikon that there is a large spike when DCRAW is invoked during the process. You can simulate this spike by just opening a raw image in SGP. See how long it takes and time it. If you open a FIT directly in SGP it is very fast. On my previous laptop which was fairly strong i5 it was downloading in about 7 seconds, now with my intel compute stick it’s not as powerful and taking around 15 seconds.

When I download FIT + RAW it invokes DCRAW two times making it longer. By setting it to FIT only it seemed to make it slightly faster.

I checked SGP seems to be using the latest version of DCRAW. I’m not sure if this process can be sped up at all.

I would say your times are slightly slower than normal. (My images are 6000x4000)

I need to download FIT otherwise plate solving will not work with raw only.

Thank you! I will try that tonight and see how long it takes to open a raw file. The download time seems pretty fast but then it almost seems that the SGP is taking a long time to display the image. I’ll monitor the CPU usage and see what I can deduct from that.



I took 120 flats with my 6D and it took exactly 12 seconds for each. Clock time including all processing and display, 0.1 second exposure. Basic Win 8 pc with 8Gbyte ram quad core running at 3.2ghz. I only do FIT and no stats turned on.

I guess it’s my Pc then. I monitored the task manager and after download and right before the image is displayed the cpu usage goes up to 98% for a second or so.