Canon 6D Frame and Focus Does Not Work


I just purchased SGP to use with my Canon 6D. I am using version When I try to use the LiveView in Frame and Focus the program hangs. When I hit start, the mirror will go up and expose the image. The status then says Downloading but a image never appears and the program just sits and waits. When I hit Stop, the status says Aborting image, please wait and then hangs at this point. I have to restart SGP to do anything further.

If I try to use the Take One function of Frame and Focus, an image never downloads. The status says downloading and just hangs at that point. I can hit Stop and it will say Frame and Focus completed.

Please advise on what I need to do so I can use my camera and this software.



Live view is broken in SGPro fort he 6D right now. We will attempt to address this in the near future.


None of the frame and focus works with my 6D. Is that part of the same issue you will be addressing soon?


Frame and Focus should generally work for the 6D with the exception of the “Live View” option.

If you’re having issues with Frame and Focus and you’re not using the “Live View” option then it is something else entirely, and we’d need logs and probably a new thread to look into that.


Well, frame and focus with my 6D is working now. Possible operator error before.