Canon 70d Settings and Specs, Gain

I am using a Canon 70d directly attached to a Celestron C6-N. I am attempting to get Settings and Specs and Gain settings correctly entered in the Equipment Profile Manager. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It’s unclear if you’re having an issue doing this or if you’re just unsure what the best settings are. Can you clarify what the problem is?

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Just looking for the best settings for this camera.
Readout Noise
Pixels _I think are 5472 x 3648
Anything in Gain for a dslr camera?

Am I reading this correctly for setting this for my Canon 70d?

Pixel size = 4.09


Thanks! Do I need to worry about entering Angle or Read Out Noise?

Entering angle is not particularly useful if you are using a plate solver in your sequence as that value will overwrite any value stored there. If you don’t use a plate solver and want accurate sky angle in your FITS header, this will be important.

Entering readout noise is unimportant unless you are using “ideal exposure time” calculation data to feed your exposure length.

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Does this look correct for my Canon 70d? Means everything becomes a Mosaic in SGP

I also have a Canon 70D, but have it on a 8" SCT with a focal reducer. Here are my numbers:


And yes, for many DSO images, I need to use the mosaic to get larger images.

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