Canon EOS image size

This may not be a SGP issue but I’m getting it while using SGP so here goes. I have a Canon EOS 77D (APS-C) that I’m using with SGP and saving my images as fits. In the equipment profile for the camera settings I have the image size set as 6000x4000. I’m getting a black bar on the left and top side of my images (wider on the left than the top). The image statistics window reports the actual images size as 6288x4056. Since I have 6000x4000 set in the equipment profile could that be why I’m getting those black bars on the left and top sides? If I change my setting in the equipment profile to 6288x4056 would that possibly get rid of those black bars?

I could just test it and see but I’m being lazy and seeing if anyone knows the answer first!!:grinning:

No, that is more for the framing and mosaic wizard. Those bars are overscan and can be cropped out. Most image processing software can deal with them as well.


Thanks Jared, yeah just been cropping them out.