Canon EOS Ra compatibility

Has anyone gotten SGP to successfully run a sequence with a Canon EOS Ra?

I have a Canon RP and doesn’t work with SGP 479.
There was an post from Jun 2020 that the developer are working on it…
I 'm afraid they will update that feature only and later…? Then SGP is dead for me!

I struggled with my Canon EOS Ra with any AP control SW (SGP or APT) for over 4 months after I got the Ra…it would drop out randomly during the middle of a sequence. I got ZERO help from Canon - although I did get them to admit that they never talked with an astrophotographer when they were designing the Ra! (Yes, REALLY - their dedicated astrophotography camera!)
In a final act of desperation, I used a USB-A (computer) to USB-C (camera) cable (before that I had been using a USB-C to USB-C (i.e., much more capable cable)) and it worked!
But I’m using SGP - since it’s working for me (finally) I have been afraid to upgrade!