Canon: Error in EdsDownload. Error: EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE

I’ve used Sequence Generator Pro for over a year with no real issues, but currently it is refusing to take images for me, giving an error in the log of

Canon: Error in EdsDownload. Error: EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE

The camera works fine with my old imaging software (BackyardEOS) using the same USB cable, into the same USB port. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling SGP, I’ve tried plugging the USB directly into the computer and bypassing the hub with no success. I’m in an observatory and there have been no hardware changes from when I last imaged earlier this month.

SGP attempts to take the image, I hear the camera click, then during the download as soon as I click to dismiss the end of sequence actions it says “Sequence Aborted”.

Full pastebin of the log is here (SGP Error - for anyone who wants to trawl the full log.

I’ve been pulling my hair out for three days over this, any suggestions are appreciated. This is with version

SGP doesn’t fully support DSLR’s so some options that BYE can change automatically will have to be changed manually on the camera when used with SGP.
Mode dial, mirror lock are options you can try changed to see if it will fix the problem.
Also if you connected your camera to BYE you should turn it off/on before connecting to SGP, this can often fix some problems.

I know that our DSLR implementation is not as smooth and polished as BYE, but what aspects are you referring to when you say that we don’t fully support them?

I’ve never had any issues with SGP’s support of this DSLR in the past.

I’m more confused why it aborts the image DL, the error doesn’t give much away.

Do you have any ideas Ken?

Yes. Please see here:

Thank Ken, I’ll get installed.

Software mode dial change and software mirror lock enable/disable.
Not all cameras support these functions, only the xD and x0D camera i think, but maybe also some of the lower end newer cameras too.
Connecting to BYE first and SGP after will often cause problems since BYE changes these settings if needed, but they aren’t automatically changed back unless the camera is powercycled.

I don’t expect you to support these functions fully, but maybe an error message pointing in the direction of a fix would be good to have instead of the current message?
Also detection of the mirror lock setting being wrong would be good, exposures with the wrong setting seem to be 1 sec so it should be easy to automatically detect that a 30s exposure ends up at 1s instead?