Cant access canonraw.tmp error

Hi Guys,

I had the following error message “cant access the file canonraw.tmp” error message from SGP during sequence at 1:11:13am in attached log and shown in attached screen shot. This occurred midway during a sequence. I assume, that as the error box stayed up, the recovery process failed and the sequence did not terminate. The mount limits on EQMOD stopped any harm.

System is Window 7, SGPro release 2.4. Canon 60D. Guide logs also included.

Any suggestion to avoid re-occurrence?




Thanks for all the info. Makes it easier to see what is going on.

Unfortunately, I am not able to spot the issue immediately. That said, I do have suspicions that it might be related to the conversion of the RAW file into FITS. For now, I have removed the blocking dialog error stuff that prevented recovery from running. While I can’t say we have seen this before, you may want to consider using actual RAW data from the camera unless FITS data is very important to you. I will need some time to think about how another process got a hold of your raw file without letting it go.

Actually, while we investigate further, I have put some code in place that will likely prevent this by selecting a new temp file that is safe (this is hacky, but hopefully temporary). Don’t worry about disk space… these files will not accumulate quickly and they will be cleaned by SGPro on every start up.

Thanks. Do I have to download anything?

You will need to download the next version. Please keep an eye on the Release category for announcements.