Can't get color images using my ZWO ASI 071

I can’t get color images with my ZWOASI 071 using SGP.
Link to Logs

<I have no logsut a link to your logs here
Useful Info
I can get color using sharpcap, and I can get color using my DSLR

OS: <windows 10>
Ver: <

I know with my 071 I have to tell Pixinsight which bayer matrix to use (RGGB) have you tried opening an image in your processing software and applying the bayer matrix to an image? Processing the lights in Deep Sky Stacker with the bayer matrix? Just suggestions

thanks I’m still learning pixinsight. I can find debayering, but i can’t locate the process to apply the bayer matrix any tips?

The process can be found under PROCESS/ColorSpaces/Debayer. The bayer/mosaic pattern has to be set to RGGB for images from the ASI071MC.


thanks for the help! I’m on the right track now.