Can't install Nikon 7100 camera

I’ve been using SGP for a while and am very happy with it, so I recommended it to a friend of mine to use. Unfortunately, she’s a Nikon shooter, and apparently SGP does not support Nikon DSLRs (or at least a Nikon D7100). I spent several days trying to get it to work and have been completely unsuccessful. So far I’ve tried:

1: PC #1 running Windows 7,

2: PC #2 WIndows 8.1,

3: PC #1 (again) with a clean install of Windows 10,

4: PC #2 (again) with a clean install of Windows 10, and

  1. A new PC (mine) running Windows 10 Pro.

All five PCs failed to run with the Nikon D7100, although the new PC (step 5) has been running fine with a Canon 7D. The problem occurs when I try to add the camera, either in the equipment profile manager or the equipment portion of the sequence window. As soon as I add the Nikon camera, either “D7100” or “Auto”, I get an immediate error popup stating: “GlobalExceptionHandler caught: Failed to load MD3 file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sequence Generator\NikonLibs\Type0002\Type0002.md3. The file might be corrupted or in use by another process. You can download MD3 files from Nikons website:“.

Immediately after this, SGP crashes (log file is here).

As noted above, this has happened on 4 different versions of Windows and on 3 different PCs. I’ve also seen references to this in the forum saying that the solution is to download VC runtime packages dating back to 2013. I tried this and it didn’t fix the problem, which I didn’t think it would (2013? Really?).

So does anyone, especially the developers, know what the issue is and how to fix it? Is a Nikon DSLR an unsupported camera in SGP? Given the fact that the problem is 100% reproducible on a variety of old and new PCs running old and new versions of Windows, some freshly installed and some that have been in use for quite a while, it’s pretty clear that there’s an issue in SGP that is causing the crashes and inability to work with a Nikon DSLR (again, those PCs and operating systems work perfectly with a Canon DSLR).

If anyone knows the solution to this issue, please let me know. I find it hard to believe that nobody is running SGP with a Nikon camera, but if this is true, is there an alternative software package that works (such as Nina)? My friend would really like to be able to use SGP, but is obviously unwilling to switch from Nikon to Canon in order to do so.

Thanks in advance for any help,