Can't move the window modules in Parallels when in coherence mode

Runnung MacPro12 dual porcessor with 128gb memory SSDs and 16 TB of storage. I installed Parallels as I did on my laptop. Works great on laptop, exccept the windows for the sub modules like autofocus, historgram, etc will not allow to be repositioned while in coherence mode. This same issue happens on my MacPro2012 described above.

This is ssame regardless of versin of sgpro I am running and doesn’t matter if 32bit or 74bit.

Is there a solution? Frustraring to have to go out of coherence take your best shot at positioning your wndows, then going back into coherence which is most suitable for multiple monitors.

Any help to fix is greatly appreciated. Or fixing the software bug would also be greatly appreciated.

Lates version of Windows 10

It’s an issue with Coherence mode and how it handles the graphics rendering. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about it. I’d recommend switching to a windowed view to adjust the docking modules.


Yeah. That’s what I currently do