Can't Sync a SkyWatcher EQ6 (Same as Orion Atlas) Mount

SGP is successfully communicating with the mount. I can read the mount position, and I can command the mount to slew to a position. However, I cannot “solve and sync”. The plate solver computes the correct position, but it doesn’t sync the mount - the incorrect mount position is unchanged. Also, if I try to “center” the mount before an event, the whole sequence is terminated with an error.

Is anyone else using a SkyWatcher EQ6 or Orion Atlas EQ-G? If so, what are you doing to get the mount to sync with SGP?

Hi @billd
Yes eq6 works perfectly with sgp you’ll find there are lots of people using them.
I do a one star alignment using my handset before I ‘get going’ with platesolving.
I suspect there’s something wrong with your plate solving settings. But you’d need to post your logs for someone to see what’s going wrong…

See here:

I think EQASCOM refuses to sync to a position that is over ~45 degrees away from the current position. Is your initial alignment way off? When turning on the mount, the counterweight bar should be pointing down and the telescope to the north for the initial alignment to be correct.