Capability for Multiple Runs on Same Targets

I have a series of asteroids I want to image. The same asteroids need to be imaged at intervals throughout the night. I have been importing them up to 3 times in the same sequence. Then I have to go in and make each target name unique. I know that is the design of SGP, but I am wondering if SGP can allow the same target names in a given sequence or some way to activate a follow on sequence which can activate a follow-on sequence and so on.

This would be useful for asteroid and comet astrometry as well as CCD photometry of some fast period variable stars.

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As the Target sequence ‘SGF’ files are just text based, you could probably write your own target file with the appropriate settings as needed.

It would need a little work deciphering it all, but when done, it could then be made scriptable…

Good idea. Thanks!


I simply clone add a number at the end of each target name. For example, I was running M67 for photometry. M67-1, M67-2, etc.

Hi ewiley,

  Thanks for the suggestion. That's basically what I did. Just was

mainly wondering why there is the limitation of having the target
names all be different. I don’t see any reason for it. Do you know
why Ken and Jerod made that restriction?

  I use the target name to create a folder with my acquisition

files, originally hoping that during the night, and
night-after-night, the fits files would go into the same folder
for the same object. Now, as well as renaming the targets, I have
to merge the folders. Meanwhile, I followed Dr JuJu’s suggestion
and investigated the SGF files. Turns out a couple of simple
macros in Notepad++ seem to get around the problem but I’m not
sure that it won’t cause other run-time problems. As soon as the
weather gets better I’ll do an actual run and see.



Seemed like a good idea at the time? I honestly can’t recall. But you don’t have to output the target name in your file path. You can just remove the %tn specifier and manually put in your own folder.


Hi Jared,

  I am trying to set up SGP for automated asteroid photometry. This

will involve many short exposures of batches of asteroids each
night. The exposures of a given asteroid will be separated by 30
minutes or so with three sets of observations on that asteroid
during the night.

  I use the planetarium program, C2A, to automatically generate a

list of asteroids and positions using its Observation
Planner/Scheduler. C2A has an output text format similar to Starry
Night so I use your import feature to load three sets of the same
asteroids into SGP. I would like to use the %tn to direct the
images of a given asteroid to a folder that has the asteroid name
for all the sets. I know I can output to another folder but I
might have 100 or more images of all different asteroids there
which is somewhat cumbersome to manage.

  I have developed a couple of macros in Notepad++ to modify the

.sgf and get around the error message that happens otherwise. I
haven’t tried it for real yet due to bad weather; perhaps tonight.
Are there any gotchas in doing this that you can see?

Regards and thank you for the great program,


Well, guess what? I just ignored all the error messages and clicked the x at the top of the Target Settings box and SGP accepts all of the inputs. It seems I can do things the normal way (almost) so this is a non-problem for me. SGP does what I want! I will consider the error messages from SGP more as informative messages.