CCD settings

I have been having the following problem…
When I try to set the Gain/Offset of my camera in the Sequencer-Equipment module very time I push it Gain keeps changing value!!
I reinstalled Ascom and QHY9 drivers, as well as restarted the computer and loaded a stable version of SGP instead of the beta.
I am running a Windows 7-64bit PC.
Any ideas?
There doesnt seem to be a problem when I use EZcap…and this doesnt happen in my laptop.

SGP does not support Gain or Offset for ASCOM cameras. Last I checked QHY only supported it through the settings dialog of their ASCOM driver (that was the case when I had my Qhy9).

Where in SGP are you setting it? I attempted to set Gain for an ASCOM camera in SGP and it would not let me (as expected).


I press Device settings next to Connect with Camera button and the ASCOM dialogue pops up.
Pressing ok and then repressing Device settings results in altered settings.

The solution was found by reverting to the 1.6 ver drivers instead of the ver2.0 I used.
That is…ridiculous…

Ah, ok. Those should be stored with the ASCOM driver and are completely separate from SGP. Glad you got it figured out (or at least worked around…)