Celestron AstroFi to Sgpro interface

Hi guys,
I have been trying to connect my Celestron Astrofi 130mm which is wifi based scope to Sequence generator pro, but software is not able to connect it. i have tried settings in ASCOM as well but it is popping up with some errors like this

please help me

I’m a bit uncertain about the AstroFi scope. AIUI it is a sope with no hand control but a WiFi connection to an app.

This can’t use the ASCOM Celestron Telescope driver because that requires a hand control and uses the connection on the HC to control the mount.

Try connecting using Celestron’s CPWI application, once connected select the CPWI ASCOM driver.

Thanks for your reply, Yeah This scope does not have HC
I have downloaded 'WIFISCOPE" available on the website and it is to create a bridge between ASCOM in laptop and Skysafari app on mobile phone, Will that work?

No, it won’t. You still need a ASCOM connected telescope to get WiFiScope working. WifiScope provides a Wifi -> ASCOM Bridge using your PC. So basically the exact opposite of what you need.

I would go with Chris’ suggestion above. You can find it here:


Thank you so much, I will try that software as well

You guys are great!