Celestron Focus Motor: Focuser does not implement step size

In trying to better understand how this focuser is handled I am looking at logs and in fact I have a computer attached to the system and am watching the log file as it gets populated (not real time, but…).

When focus motor is SGP connected I get these lines in the log report:

[04/14/20 11:30:41.156][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Focuser reports Max Increment as: 60000
[04/14/20 11:30:41.156][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Focuser reports max steps as: 60000
[04/14/20 11:30:41.160][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Focuser does not implement step size

I don’t care much for the 60000, but am curious about the lack of step size implementation. What does it mean, and could it be a reason I can’t make any step size work when attempting to auto focus?


More info can be found in the standards:


Very interesting. I wished I could understand more than I do, but it says the position is in units of steps and steps are in units of microns.

Curious if you focused is a dc motor or a stepper motor?


The Celestron focuser uses a servo.