Celestron Focus Motor using CPWI


When running CPWI, and connecting using the SkyQlink Wifi model, both the Mount and Focuser is controllable in CPWI.

When now opening SGP, I can pick up the CPWI option under the mount options, but under Focuser it only shows the installer Ascom drivers, that only works with either USB or RS32 connected. This means an extra cable needed to my rig.

Can you add the CPWI option under Focuser also please?

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The CPWI driver hasn’t implemented the ASCOM focuser driver yet so the only option is to connect the focuser separately using it’s own USB cable and the Celestron USB focuser driver.

Celestron are aware this is needed and are planning to implement the focuser soon.

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Many thanks Chris. This is very good news. Things will be much simpler when this available.