Celestron Focus Motor


I am getting a focus motor for my 8” edge HD telescope and noticed that it is built around a servo motor not a stripper motor. It can be controlled by software that use ASCOM, so I am assuming it will work with SGP. I am not sure if a stepper motor is better than a set I motor.

Thanks for any information and experience.


There are two ASCOM drivers for the Celestron focus motor, one for running it stand alone and one built into the Celestron mount controller for if you have it connected and controlled through the mount.

It doesn’t matter to the user what type of motor it is, from Celestron’s point of view it is practically the same as the servo motors used to driver the mount.

Thanks for the reply. I use an Atlas Pro mount. It, and the focuser for my refractor both use stepper motors. I have no experience with servo motors.

I have read very good reviews of the focused. Does it get along with SGP well?