Celestron mount driver updated

I’ve posted a new version of the Celestron ASCOM driver to the files area of the ASCOM-Talk group. This should handle the new mounts, in particular recognising the CGX and CGXL mounts as GEMs and managing pier flips.

If you have one of these then please try this and let me know how it goes. If there are problems I will require logs. These are absolutely essential.


Thanks Chris. Really appreciate you getting this out pdq. Installed without a problem. Will give you feedback when the clouds go away (in a week or so by the looks of things).

Downloaded and installed just fine.

Appears to be working as SGP is now reporting the time to a flip. It was not before.

Fromm the log file…

[06/05/17 17:00:54.305][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope Dispatch loop: Received SGM_TELESCOPE_CONNECT…
[06/05/17 17:00:57.473][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope can slewing supported…
[06/05/17 17:00:58.328][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: Implements MoveAxis…
[06/05/17 17:00:59.306][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] RA Move Rate Range: Min->0 Max->4
[06/05/17 17:00:59.310][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] DEC Move Rate Range: Min->0 Max->4
[06/05/17 17:00:59.342][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: CanSetSideOfPier returned True
[06/05/17 17:00:59.344][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope: CanPark returned True
[06/05/17 17:00:59.347][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Telescope equatorial system is JNOW…
[06/05/17 17:00:59.347][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SGM_TELESCOPE_CONNECT complete…

However I am in the same boat as Buggs being clouded out till the end of the week so no actual field trials yet but I don’t forsee any issues.

Thanks bunches Chris!

Nice to hear it’s OK so far. Logs from the Celestron driver would be nice, if only to confirm that it’s recognising the new mounts correctly. No problem with waiting until you have clear skies.

Just to confirm, if you are using a NexStar+ HC you can set the pointing state but if you are using a StarSense HC you can’t. Both can read the pointing state, which SGP need to be able to do flips. The difference is that with StarSense you can only do a pier flip after the mount has crossed the meridian.

Okay here you go Chris. I think all the CGX series ship with at NexStar anyhow its in the log. Here is a link to it. All looked fine to me.

Good news,
I finally got the chance to ‘field test’ the new drivers and everything works fine.
The meridian flip occurred right on cue, it slewed, and successfully solved and centered the target and carried on.

Also I found the mount in the Park position I had assigned it this morning. It was not doing that before.

BTW is it okay to share this new driver with some of my friends with the CGX mounts?

Will it be updated on the ASCOM site anytime soon?


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve asked for the new driver to be put on the ASCOM downloads, don’t know how long that will take.
In the meantime yes, share it or direct them to the ASCOM-Talk Files area.

Where is the “ASCOM-Talk Files area?” Is it part of the SGP forums?

Never Mind… I found the ASCOM-Talk Forum and Chris Rowland’s files.


Hi I can’t find the file on ascom-talks any chance you could put a link to the celestron driver update? I have the current ascom drivers from the ascom web site, but can’t auto flip with my CGX

The current Celestron driver is on the ASCOM site, in the
Downloads/Telescope/Mount drivers.



Thank you Chris I’ve downloaded that that’s the driver I’ve been using since I got my CGX2 years ago. It’s still won’t do an automatic Mouradian flip. Have used it with Cartes du ciel CPIW And now stellarium. I like connecting with cpiw and WiFi Because let us we use the hand control while centering objects

I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the automatic flip going. It works on my sky watcher mounts

I don’t think the Celestron mounts do an automatic meridian flip. They
never have. It’s not a function of the ASCOM driver anyway.

Better leave it to the application, this can do the flip when it is ready.