CEM70 Compatibility?

Hello! I see that I-optron has released its ASCOM driver that is compatible with the CEM70.
Curious if folks have used the CEM70 through its ASCOM driver with SGPro. Any issues? Best regards.

I have a CEM60 and a CEM120 that I use with SGP. One thing I’ll generally say about iOptron ASCOM drivers is they’re usually a little rough for the first few months. Had multiple issues with my 120 (which is currently working very well now) and when the CEM60 and iEQ45 were both released we had a lot of issues with their ASCOM drivers. Hopefully the CEM70 shares some code with the CEM60…but I would be pretty cautious initially. Seems most of the issues are generally around handling the meridian flip.



I’m using the ASCOM driver with my new CEM70 and have noo issue.
Meridian flip works fine too.

I forgot ,I am also with SGP 3. Not the beta 4.