Center and rotate plate solve

I have the following sequence.

What happens are the following steps. The telescope slews to the location and does a plate solve. If there is an offset it corrects the telescope location but it does not care about the rotation. It takes another frame and verifies the new location with a plate solve, again without looking at the rotation. It then simply tells the rotator to rotate to the desired angle without verifying the correct rotation after the rotator stopped. Why does it not first slew and rotate, and then plate solve verifies the center and the rotation?

You have it set to use the Mechanical Angle of the rotator, which is independent of the sky. If you’re looking for a particular sky angle, tell it to use the Sky Angle instead. Then when you do a slew/center/rotate it will adjust the rotator to whatever mechanical angle gives you the desired sky angle.


If I set it to sky angle the rotator does not rotate at all.This is what I tried before but I had to change it to mechanical for the rotator to rotate. If I change the settings to SLEW to location (without CENTER) then the telescope slews and rotates and after the rotation it checks the rotation but not the center.