Center Here Issues and Hang

Using SGP2.5.1.10. I started a Center Here which attempted to change the filter to Clear (at about 10:47:03 in log file).
Issue 1: Change filter never completes (expect SGP to time out if filter does not complete)
This may be an issue with the driver or SGP but pending further tests we’ll assume a driver issue. I then unplugged the USB cable to the filter to reset it. This causes SGP to issue an error dialog (an exception in the log file).
Issue 2: Despite the filter fail, plate solve proceeds to take an image (expect it to stop because of filter problem)
While it is taking the image I click on “Done” on the Center Here dialog.
Issue 3: Despite being canceled, the image taking is not aborted but finishes exposure and download. (expect a cancel to abort the image)
Issue 4: After the image is downloaded the Center Here dialog is still present and unresponsive. I had to kill the SGP process. (expect the center here to finish in an orderly manner despite errors).

This is a repeatable sequence of events. Log file: Dropbox - File Deleted

SGPro already times out of a the filter wheel does not report complete (or present a fatal error) within 45 seconds.

True. This has been cleaned up.

This usually works… this particular bug was related to timing. It has been fixed.

Same as issue 3.

Well, the fixes above, available in, will prevent a hang, but the fact that failure to move the filter wheel is repeatable is something I cannot answer without the corresponding filter wheel logs.

Outside of the log I sent, I tried changing the filter to clear and waited well over 45 seconds and it did not time out - it just kept displaying “moving”. I will try getting a filter log if available.

That might just be a UI bug… it’s also possible that the manual change does not use the same method as centering… I’d have to double check that.

The filter is on a pseudo COM port via USB and I think there may be some USB interference going on. When I had only the filter connected, it seemed to change fine but degraded when other equipment was connected. I moved it to port 1 of the hub and it seems better. Time will tell. Nevertheless, thanks for fixing those Center Here issues it will make life easier for me and others in the future.