Centering fails with camera rotation

Hi, I am user of automatic rotator ARCO from PrimaLuceLab. From the hardware point of view and communications between ARCO and SGP everything works perfectly. Cantering (with no rotation) and plate solving works perfectly as well. The problem comes when I start a sequence with defined camera angle. The SGP start to rotate camera but can not get proper position at all. The error increases with each subsequent attempt to find the correct position of the camera angle. After 5 predefined centering attemps, the sequence faile. What do I do wrong? I tried to use rotation based on “sky angle” or “mechanical angle” with no success

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

Your rotator seems to correct itself in the opposite direction required. Is there an option in the ADCOM setti4ngs that may be reversing correction commands (or possibly you may need to check it depending on how image train mirrors are flipping the measured image.

Yes, the ASCOM driver has an option which, when selected, activates the rotator to work in the opposite direction. I’ll check it out. Thank you!!!

I answered this on CN with a guess at rotation direction. Equatorial Position Angle increases counterclockwise from North. Some rotators default to clockwise.

YES, you were right!!! Today, I have had a few hours cloudless sky - perfectly for testing. I did what you suggested and everything works OK. Thank you very much!!