Centering hangs after rotator move


I’ve developed a rotator with ASCOM driver and would like to report a problem one of our mutual users has experienced. (so second hand). The rotator can be controlled as expected via the rotator SGP rotator interface. Moves and syncs just fine. The driver passes conform with no errors or warnings. The problem he is experiencing is with centering, the mount slews and the rotaotr moves but hangs after the rotator move.

Is SGP waiting for something to be reported from the rotator? Per the rotator serial log the move is complete, IsMoving returns to false and it reports the position as the target position.

Could it be round off error and SGP is waiting for the ‘exact’ position? I round all angles to 2 decimal points since the drive mechanism (timeing belt) is not very precise. ASCOM.scopefocus.1950.572590.txt (71.7 KB)
sg_logfile_20170419195021.txt (28.3 KB)
I’ve attached SGP logs and rotator serial logs.



It looks like the rotator is never achieving the requested PA. We request 89.00 and the rotator stops at 89.01. SGPro is tolerant of the mechanical accuracy of the rotator in that it will consider anything within the range:

Target Position +- Rotator.StepSize

As fulfilling the requested position.

In your rotator logs I cannot find what you are returning for StepSize, but it should be > 0 and < 1.

ok…that could explain the problem.
It looks like I’ve implemented StepSize improperly. I have it as the number of steps per degree. Looks like if I invert that…it might work.

Thanks for such a quick reply!!