CGE meridian flip nogo,

i need a few pointers as to the settings in SGP to get the mount to flip, i think i need the right driver too, i tries TeleAPI, but i might need ASCOM or celestron driver instead, thay are all updates just not tried…help.
SGP starts to plate solve and then finally realizes the mount did not flip
so i I tried it at -2 one time, but no joy,
perhaps some one has a CGE and having success with the flip.

Hey Mitch, try the Celestron driver. Also, if the mount isn’t in the position where it can flip… it won’t. I’d have it set to flip at 0 or 1 assuming you don’t have any issues with it from a gear perspective.

Thank you, will give it a try and report back…


The thing is, it can vary.  I have a button on my ASCOM driver that tells me when I'll hit my limit.  I set the degrees based roughly on that.  I dunno if you have something like that?

I’d just try it manually, and then get SGP to do it.

ok sounds good, not sue if Celestron driver has that option, since your using ASCOM…

The Celestron ASCOM driver has get SideOfPier, set SideOfPier and DestinationSideOfPier all potentially available but it will depend on the HC version how and if these are implemented.

I’m not sure with the CGE how much tolerance there is at the meridian, some mounts only have a few degrees, others more like 20 degrees either side of the meridian. The CGE could be much tighter and may not flip until after it’s past the meridian.