CGX Mount Go To Failure With SGP

Hoping someone can tell me what I am missing here:

I have recently started using SGP with my Celestron C11 on a CGX mount. I have used it with CPWI through the hand controller port and the USB port on the mount. Also, without CPWI and the ASCOM Celestron driver. I always polar align with PoleMaster then detach that and power cycle the mount. All drivers and ports give similar results to this:

I attach the USB cable to the hand controller and power up the mount.
Then I take one pic to make sure the camera is working.
Then I autofocus and calibrate the PHD2 guiding.
Then, I choose a target with the framing and mosaic wizard and create a sequence making sure the rotation checkbox is not checked.
Then I setup the filters and camera exposures in the sequence just created.
Then I hit run.
The telescope always fails to go to the target and always ends up pointing down to the ground as if my longitude was setup as east.
Yet my user profile shows it is west.
After repeating a couple times to see if it will go to the proper coordinates I power down the mount, close SGP and start over.
Sometimes this works and the pointing and centering plate solving proceeds fine from there.
Not always though and I repeat the power cycle and start over until it works.

I cannot figure out why SGP points in the wrong place initially then through some sequence of power cycling, application shutdown and restart it suddenly works.

Any insights and /or suggestions to get this to work the 1st time is greatly appreciated.

How old is the mount? Early versions of the CGX mounts had an issue with reporting side of pier.

Thanks for the question. Believe it was one of the first CGXs. I am the 2nd owner. The 1st owner was a guy at Starizona and I believe he was one of the 1st to get one when it originally came out. I have kept the FW/SW updated to the latest on Celestron’s website and using CFM. Perhaps the earliest units had electronics that were slightly different and therefore no hope for solving this except get another mount? Is there a way to tell how old it might be? I do not see a serial number or manufacture date on it.

Another input: I did use the ASIAir Pro for a little while and when I did the single star align then plugged the hand control USB into the ASIAir Pro all worked great for polar align, go to, and plate solve. Not sure that matters though for the way SGP works.

Okay I was asking as I was one of the first adaptors of the CGX-L and had similar problems as you mention in the first post.

As I said it had issues with side of pier reporting, as in it dident.

But a firmware update fixed that.

BTW the update procedure in the manual is just plain wrong.

Check out this old thread over at CN

I was the OP :slight_smile:

Issue is now resolved!

Appears it was a bug in ASCOM 6.5.

I was searching a lot of posts on a lot of things looking for a solution and noticed ASCOM 6.5 had just been updated with 6.5SP. And it had an interesting list of updates including side of pier reporting issues.

Since I had only used ASCOM 6.5 I did not know if it was maybe this bug that they fixed until I updated to 6.5SP

Voila all works now.