Change the UI to nigh view

I’m new to SGPro and still on the demo version. So far I’m impressed with the level of automation possible with this software. I’m wondering if there is a UI theme that can change the interface to a night vision. As in APT or BYE. I can still doing it via the windows 10 theme, but it will be really nice to have it integrated in the software.

Thanks in advance


Hi Claudio, I have enquired about this but SGP does not support it, I get around this by opening my favoured planetarium software and select the night mode (Skymap Pro) (red screen) , I then shrink the software, this allows SGP to display dark red.
However - I do agree with you, when I’m using SGP at star camps I find it put’s other “potentially” interested astronomers off switching to this amazing software simply because of not having the dark red screen mode option, it is very frustrating really : As we are all aware “red light rules” are implemented at these events.
I for one hope it can be added to versions 2 and 3 in the future.


I think this has come up in the past. I prefer to use a sheet of red film. I can also use that on my iPad if I am doing it remotely.

Thanks guys

Very sad indeed. An astronomy software that does not support this feature it’s a bit strange. I guess SGP is really meant for remotely controlled rigs.

I manage to create a red theme for the whole windows OS. But it will also tint in red the images that I use for for focusing, which IMHO is difficult to work.

Hopefully this will get implemented in future versions


There is a very good freeware planetarium software called Cartes du Ciel which has “red screen” function, select this option and all of the features of SGP will turn red but the image screen will remain as normal.

Hope this helps ,


O’Telescope (The folks who do BackyardEOS et al) have a free utility called BackyardRED, which will manage a red screen for you.

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Wow that’s great. Thanks guys!

Hi Keith.

I’ve downloaded cartes du ciel veriso. 4 and the night view only turns red the software SGP still broth white. I’m so doing something wrong?

This is what I’ve managed to do in windows 10 OS. Go to high contrast settings and then choose color filter greyscale

Is not night vision but at least the image is more readble then red tinted.

here’s skymap pro. night vision and SGP nice and red and image still greyscale , I thought My CDC would work , Skymap Pro have a free version. Sorry.

Windows 10 has “Night Light” which will allow you to tint the entire screen red:


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…and if you adjust the “high contrast settings” in Win10 that can help with how readable text is and make things easier to see when the night light is tinted red.