Changes to End Capture?

I am confused about function of End Capture on a target. In previous builds of SGPro, when the End Capture was reached, the sequence moved to the next target. In the current build I think the whole sequence terminates (at least if in recovery mode when end capture event occurs). I had expected recovery would continue for the full 90minutes and move to next target (the cloud might clear).

Refer 2nd log at 11:16:38pm (End Capture set for 11:15pm for current target). Note that cloudy skys were causing a recovery sequence, however it was only on its second attempt and the following command executed “Sequence recovery aborted due to target end time”.

Ist log has similar event at 20/06/2015 1:36:43 AM.



It seems like you might be comparing normal operation to special recovery operations. These two workflows really aren’t the same and need to be categorized differently. In a non-recovery situation, what you describe is true… a target that reaches its end time will simply move onto the next target (or terminate the sequence if it was the last target). The fact that you were in recovery mode when the target end time occurred put you in an alternate workflow. It was our decision when defining the behavior for this condition that the actions associated with target change are likely to risky to attempt if the sequence is in an unknown state. So… it is expected behavior to terminate the sequence if the current target ends with recovery mode active. We do our best to favor equipment safety over aggressive data capture. In the future we might be able to “transfer” the recovery to the next target, but the code is not in a spot that makes this an easy change.

thanks for the explanation. I support safety first.