Changing number of exposures when paused

Quick side note first – latest versions working well overall guys. Focus/etc all great!

This is certainly minor and may be by design but something I noticed and can be easily reproduced via camera/scope simulator. Suppose you have some number of exposures in a given target – say 6. You pause the sequence, allow the current frame to finish – say it’s frame 4. So you’ve got 4/6 done. If I modify that number of exposures down to 4 while paused for whatever reason and select resume sequence, it starts frame 5, as if it didn’t yet “see” that I lowered the total exposures to 4 and should be done.

Of course, I can uncheck the run option and it works, too…

Not a big deal but thought I’d mention it.

Thanks. Definitely sound like something we need to fix though.