Choice of version of SGPro

I have images in FITS format. Can you help me to choose which version of SGPro is appropriate to use to analyse features in the images?
Thank you.

Not really sure I understand the question. Sgp is for image capture, not processing. The only “versions” right now are the release and beta and feature wise they’re nearly identical.


Thank you for replying.
I have an image and I want to analyse features present in it. But I do think SGPro is not appropriate. Can you please suggest another software?

Maybe PixInsight is what you’re looking for? Hard to tell as I’m not really sure what you’re wanting to analyze. But PixInsight is a very powerful image processing and analytics tool.

Other than that you may be looking for something outside of the realm of astrophotography.


Depends on what you want to analyze. For image and optical quality, one choice is CCDInspector.

I have a sound signal as discrete points data. I will create an image during simulation using MATLAB. Then I have analyse the image formed for features, to compare with other images formed from other sound signals. I will try to understand the CCDInspector software.
Thanks again.