Clarification on Narrowband Offsets

I think this is what you need to set to use filter offsets as for narrowband filters but the help is a little unclear. Are the settings below what you would change as opposed to normal “focus with filter being used” focusing? This assumes you have the correct focal positions already in the filter setup, of course.

  When using narrowband filters and offsets, you need to check
  the "auto focus with filter" checkbox in the auto focus options
  dialog (and set the filter choice to a mostly transparent filter
  such as Luminance). You also need to check "Auto adjust focus per
  filter" on the main focus tab.

Please see our documentation:


I have read that and maybe I am dense but it is not all that clear.

Do I check both of the boxes to give me narrowband offsets? It appears so.

Yes, if you want to focus through a lum filter and your filters are not parfocal you need to check both.

Auto Focus with Filter - will use whatever filter you put in to run auto focus, otherwise the actual filter (HA, S2, O3) will be used.

Auto Adjust focus Per Filter - will apply the filter offsets, this is useful if your filters are not parfocal.


OK. Thanks! That is what I thought.