Clipped data

I was wondering if there is an quick way to determine of any data is clipped in the image viewer?


Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what this means. How would data be clipped in SGPro (there is no processing or any other modification of the camera image)? Are you using clipping in a different context?

I think he means saturated pixels. I was thinking it would be cool if the image display had an option to display saturated pixels in some color so that it would be easy to determine of the cores of stars or bright areas are blown out.


We don’t highlight or zebra stripe any of the clipped data. Best way is to use the histogram. This is generally because “clipped” can mean different things. To us it would probably mean any data at or very near 65535 ADU. But depending on how your camera handles offset and gain you may be clipping data far before this.

Best way to know:

  1. Point your camera at a bright light and take a frame.
  2. Take note of the max ADU and value on the histogram
  3. Moving forward make sure your astro images are away from this value.


Hi thanks for the replies much appreciated.Yes I was referring to star that
will be at the maximum adu value

Right. That makes sense and is a pretty cool idea. We’ll keep it in mind.

Hello Ken, a function to highlight the max ADU areas in a sub would indeed very helpful! Just to know which object is causing it

Or better, highlight areas with a certain user defined adjustable ADU range