Close SGP (X)

I was thinking that it might be a good idea if u press the Close button [X] (top right) to have the option to abort this action instead of only the option to turn off the cooler or not.

This is not really standard behavior for Windows applications. That said, we will warn you if the sequence is unsaved or if a sequence is currently running. Other than that, we do not police every click to ensure it is what you wanted to do.

Well I think it is a significant issue because when someone is running a sequence or cooling his camera he wants to ensure that the program doesnt shut down because it will take a significant amount of time to recool.
Also…I think that the {Close cooler} option is not really doing anything when I use it. I can shut down SGP, press yes when asked to keep the cooler on and when I restart the temp is dropping rapidly.
So it is important to me at least to be asked whether I am sure that I want to shut down, especially when I am perfoming an action i.e. cooling.