Cloud aborting Sequence

Hi, a question about clouds passing and sgpro’s response…
When phd2 indicates cloud passing, sgpro will ignore sporadic lost star messages, however if PhD beeps too often then sgpro, aborts capture and presents the dialogue: …sequence complete run end of sequence options!

My point is that I receive the dialogue box even though the sequence has many more subs to completion.
I don’t worry too much about the response to stop the sequence (it makes sense) but the sequence complete message is not required.

Can I change the behaviour with a setting change or recovery (which I do not run)

Should I run recovery, is this the best way to resolve this?


The recovery option is there specifically for this reason. Recovery will
attempt to recover (continue) the sequence for up to 90 minutes (or
whatever time you specify). So, yes, you should be running recovery. But
note that there is the possibility of a pier crash when using recovery if
the sequence gets in trouble soon before a meridian flip and the mount
still keeps tracking during the 90min of recovery time.