Cocoon Nebula

Acquired at the Texas Astronomical Society dark site this past weekend.

I had set up a sequence of 20, 10 min subs but for some reason after number 14 Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) aborted the sequence and parked the scope. I had crawled into the sleeping bag for a bit, next thing I hear the mount slewing at max rate! Couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough. Looks like a mechanical issue prevented it from locking on a guide star after a dither. Good to know SGP could protect the equipment by parking it. Question, is it possible to have SGP attempt to recenter before aborting?

Sad thing is it was my best night of guiding ever! RMS was down around 0.5 arc-pix. Loving the combo of Orion TOAG w/ QHY5L-II!

14 x 10 min subs at ISO 400
Orion 190mm Mak-Newt
iOptron iEQ45 (tuned)
Orion TOAG w/ QHY5L-II
Canon 60D (modified by Bret Oliver)
Captured with Sequence Generator Pro
Processed in Pixinsight

Cocoon Nebula

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Very nice image! Colors are spot on. The stars looks little bit over sharpen, at least in mi Laptop monitor.



Jose, thanks for the comments!