Comet tracking?

Is there a way to track a comet in SGP? Or to do a comet do we have to figure out its position for the time we want to start and work with sidereal tracking?
tia for any input
Clifford Marcus

You might want to start here:

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I think PHD2 has a comet tracking mode

ok, so how would SGP incorporate that? you set up the sequence in the mean time instructing phd to comet track?

I have never tried it this way. I prefer to track the stars and process separately in PI.

Iā€™m assuming in this case that you would set PHD tracking manually, rather than have SGP instigate it. The relative brightness of comets is a plus - so initial alignment would be manual and the centering functions would be disabled.

One of the most memorable comet images was from CCDMan. You should ask him how he did it.

Just found it Lovejoy with FSQ