Configuring SGP to use APPM for unguided imaging

I plan to use Astro-Physics APPM for unguided imaging - how do I configure SGP to allow me to do so?

I’m concerned about avoiding the “this sequence requires an auto guider” roadblock.

Many thanks for your assistance!

Just select “None” for the autoguider and then don’t enable options that require an auto guider. If options are selected SGP will tell you what they are. Not really a road block more of a misconfiguration.

Also if you still want dithering you can use the “Direct Mount” guider which will still bump the mount between frames to have some dithering.


Jared, your recommendations were spot on; was able to do 15 minute unguided imaging with tight round stars using SGP and APPM.


Hi Ted, I’d like to try that with my Mach1… (no encoders). Do you think it would work?

As long as you’re running APCC PRO (as APPM is a component of APCC PRO) and SGP (with either ASTAP or Plate Solve 2) you should be good to go.

I’m still in learning mode, but will be glad to assist you anyway I can.