Confused about steps for Wifi Scope

Hi everbody. I am new to SGP so bear the silly questions. I have read the PDF with wifi scope and still confused. I have the following items.

laptop with windows 10
CGEM mount with Starsense controller
iPad or iPhone with Skysafari Pro,
SkyFi Box with serial and USB connection (Do I even need this anymore)

I connected the laptop with usb to star sense hand controller for the CGEM mount

I set the telescope set up on iPhone with Skysafari Pro to "Meade LX 200 Classic. Not sure where to get the IP address from’ set port 4030 eat. On iPhone what network am I looking for Skyfi or is there one for Wifi Scope.

Open Wifi Scope. What mount do I use? I picked Celestron scope Driver. as I don’t see Meade option.

Not sure if I missed anything else

Thank you