Confusion over which machines are registered

Hi there,

I have just discovered that only 1 of 3 Activations is showing up in my Account page.
This is a laptop, which is the backup computer for my observatory.

I also have SGP running on two desktops, one in my Observatory and one in my home office desktop.

Both desktop machines do not show up on my Account page. Moreover, I see that the SGP version on the desktop I am writing this on (Home Office) is running V

My observatory is several hours drive away, so I can’t get the version from that.

Also, while my Accounts page shows only 1 activation, the License Information window, under the Help pulldown menu in SGP itself says "3 machines registered (0 remaining))

Any advice welcomed on how to sort this out…


Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (32-bit)
.NET: 4.8

Hi there,

For licensing issues, we request that you email so that we can more easily exchange details that may be considered private.

Thank you, I will do as you suggest.
Jeff B