Connect problems with two SX cameras

Hi, Having a problem getting SP to ‘see’ two SX cameras when one (lodestar) is used for guiding via PHD2, and the second (SX Trius 285 mono) used by SP as the main imaging camera.
They both run off a universal SX ascom driver. If I start PHD2 and connect the lodestar I can’t connect the 285 in SP and vis-versa.
Is there a work round on this please?

I had similar problems and ended up using the native SX driver in PHD2 and the Ascom one in SGP. That solved the problem for me.

I remember having this problem and it was solved when I installed the correct driver. I have an SX694 Trius mono as main imaging camera and Loadstar X2 for guiding, and I also have a SX Ultrastar for occasional colour imaging. In the SGP Sequencer panel, Equipment dropdown menu for Camera I see all three cameras listed. Also, in PHD2, in the Connect Equipment Panel under the Camera dropdown I can see all three Starlight Xpress cameras listed with the bracketed (ASCOM) label after each, plus a button which allows selection of Camera 1 or Camera 2. If you are not seeing something similar in SGP and PHD2 then you might want to re-install the drivers taking care to select the correct camera options in the driver setup process. I’m pretty sure the driver is used is the version at the top of this page Hope this helps.

Mike / Buggs - Many thanks for the prompt replies. I’ve changed the driver for the Lodestar and they’re both connecting now. Need some clear skies to try things out now. Had been working with Maxim DL 6.11 but getting some real guiding issues not every time but often enough - so giving SGP a workout…
Cheers Francis