Connecting starlight xpress camera

Hi guys I gad the trial of SGPRO months and months ago, then things went belly up ( I couldnt connect to eqmod etc many things). Anyway I finnally have it up and running though the trial period has run out I thought I would give SGPRO another go as im not happy with what im using now, but I cant connect at all with my camera i keep getting error connecting to camera class not registered exception from HRESULT REG_DBE classnotregistered, is it because the trial period is up? or something else?

You can ask for an extension of your demo.

is that what it is the trial period up?if so I,ll ask just want to be sure it is that first , as I said I probably used it twice before everything packed in and only now looking at it again after about 10 months

I’m not quite sure, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for the extension and see. You didn’t give us logs.

I will have to look into it first, I dont want a new demo if I cant get it working, i got a feeling the camera should connect so probably got probs with my laptop or settings,

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