Connecting to Ascom simultaneoulsy with SG Pro and other apps

I want to share my experience connecting to the EQMOD Ascom driver simultaneously with SG Pro, Cartes du Ciel and PHD 2.3.0. I was unable to do so at first when I restarted imaging this summer after a year’s hiatus. Eventually I figured out what the problem was and this may help others.

Here’s the short summary: All programs that access the ASCOM driver must be run with the same rights. That is if SG Pro is run with admin rights, PHD or other programs that use the same ASCOM driver must also be run with admin rights.

For some reason I ran SGP with admin rights but not PHD or CDC. I think its because I vaguley recalled having to give SGP admin rights to make Elbrus work. In fact, since I have Elbrus installed in my user directory, this is no longer necessary.

Running all programs with non-admin rights will work just fine.


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I believe it’s written in the manual that way. I’m glad you got it working!