Connecting to Nikon Z7 Causes SGP to Quit

I was happy to see Nikon Z7 in the drop down menu for Nikon as my imaging camera in Ver of SGP. Unfortunately, while the Windows 10 machine says that the Z7 is connected and ready for operation, when I select the Z7 in the drop down and then click the connect icon, SGP quits working and needs to close. Does SGP support the Nikon Z7?

Unfortunately, when I went back to the D810A, SGP does not recognize the camera - even though this was my bread and butter camera when I first started imaging with SGP. I’ve changed out the USB 3 cable with no luck.

There is chatter about needing to update ASCOM DSLR drivers, but the discussion seems quite convoluted to me and likely not applicable to new Nikon cameras, like the D810A and Z7.

Recommendations would be appreciated.


Greg - I do not have direct experience of using Nikon with SGP. Is the connection through an ASCOM driver to the Nikon? -If so, have you checked it through the ASCOM diagnostic tools? If they cannot detect it, SGP will not. If this a SGP driver, written around an Nikon SDK, ignore me.

SGP is very rarely used with Nikon cameras so Z7 is most likely untested.

A quick solution other than waiting for the devs to fix the problem is to try the Ascom Nikon driver